2017 Newsletter Sponsorships

Newsletter Sponsorships are available 4 ways; Business card size and 1/4 page size, each with an individual or 6 month subscription. 


2017 Website Sponsorship and Advertiser

By sponsoring the Greater Philadelphia Chapter website you will be helping the chapter with the cost of the new and more robust service offerings the new site brings. In addition to the rotating web ad, your logo and link will be included in mass communications to the membership. As always, there will be a rotating sponsor section on the main page of the website. Full and half year plans available.


2018 Local Participation Chapter Dues

Our Chapter is a chartered member of ASIS Int'l. While we receive training, and allied program support from National...We receive no money, zero, nada, from ASIS for our efforts. Our appeal to you is simple: To promote local security success, outstanding programs, and great events all organized by volunteers, we NEED your support in participation and a small stipend to keep us going. These costs are for accounting, website, emails, and association management fees for web, emailing, and general costs of meeting which can be in the thousands of dollars. Won't you help our long term plans and speakers? Thanks, The Officers and volunteer's.