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April 20, 2016

Narcotics, Crime and Cyber Security at SecureWorld Valley Forge
April 20, 2016
7:30 AM - 1:15 PM
Valley Forge Sheraton
480 N. Gulph Road
King of Prussia, PA 19406
National Speakers invited for ASIS International Greater Philadelphia Chapter 2016 Criminal Justice and Public Safety Series at SecureWorld Valley Forge offers dynamic analysis of interlocking national security issues

$55.00 Member Ticket includes Sessions, Gangster Warlords Book and Signing - Remember to do STEP 2 for SecureWorld Registration
$45.00 Earlybird rate before April 11

$65.00 Guest Ticket includes Sessions, Gangster Warlords Book and Signing - Remember to do STEP 2 for SecureWorld Registration
$55.00 Earlybird rate before April 11

$50.00 ASIS GPC/SecureWorld Keynote Lunch

$50.00 Educational Meeting/Event Sponsor

$0.00 Won't you please help us defer hotel and related costs by donating $25 for our invited guest speaker from Mexico City?

$0.00 North Central Victim Emergency Services Donation

Announcing Our Next 2016
ASIS International Greater Philadelphia Chapter

Criminal Justice and Public Safety Series Event

Wednesday 20 April 2016 at Sheraton Valley Forge

Our educational, social, public safety awareness and certification programs will include live sessions and real time webinars on many topics this year. As part of our regular monthly programs, these particular sessions focus on crime, security, partnerships with law enforcement and public safety. Register by April 11 for a $10 discount and receive the authors latest book with each ticket purchased.

 Hosted by SecureWorld,  secureworldexpo/philadelphia/home  with their vendor exhibits and series of conferences at Sheraton Valley Forge on April 20, ASIS GPC has partnered to create our own educational series. Attendance to SecureWorld exhibits and some sessions are free with full registration in our exclusive ASIS GPC program BUT REQUIRES dual registration with SecureWorld conference using a special ASIS conference passcode. Lunch is an optional paid event through ASIS GPC.


Because co-registrations are necessary, one for ASIS GPC and one for SecureWorld,  a 2- step registration process is required. It's required for floor access. By registration, you authorize permission of audio, photographic, and/or video recording within attendance spaces for internet radio syndication or other publications in the future.

STEP 1 - Register with ASIS GPC for the event as a member or guest, specifying if a sponsorship, lunch, donation or additional book is desired. Remember, full payment must be made by April 11 at noon for assured lunch seating. All payments for this event must be by credit card only. Please do not select check or invoice.  


STEP 2 - Register FREE with SecureWorld for the event to generate your floor pass to exhibits and other show events. Select the Exhibits and Open Sessions option.  At the end of the registration process enter code: ASIS7 for FREE complimentary registration.  Pick up your badge upon arrival at the conference.  If you do not have a badge, you will not be allowed to enter the event.   




 7:30 - 8:15 AM: 

ASIS GPC Board Breakfast Meeting - ALL INVITED

We welcome your involvement in our planning. Join us for a light breakfast to investigate opportunities in security, certification and fellowship in cyber, mobile device, operational and physical security. 

 8:30 - 9:15 AM:

ASIS Speaker Session 1 Guest Speaker Ioan Grillo


South of the Boarder Narcotics, NARCO Terror and Criminal Activity: Local and National Security Concerns in the United States

Journalist and writer Ioan Grillo, based in Mexico City has been covering Latin America since 2001 for news media including Time Magazine, CNN, Reuters, The Houston Chronicle, The Associated Press, GlobalPost, France 24, CBC, The Sunday Telegraph, Letras Libres and many others. His work has appeared in The New York Times, BBC and Guardian. He is the author of the books Gangster Warlords: Drug Dollars, Killing Fields and the New Politics of Latin America (released 2016 and available separately) and El Narco: Inside Mexico’s Criminal Insurgency (released 2011 and part of your ticket package).

El Narco draws the first definite portrait of Mexico’s drug cartels and how they have radically transformed in the last decade. El Narco is not a gang; it is a movement and an industry drawing in hundreds of thousands from bullet-ridden barrios to marijuana-growing mountains. And it has created paramilitary death squads with tens of thousands of men at arms from Guatemala to the Texas border.

Is it all because a few Americans are getting high. Or is it? According to Time magazine "In 2013 an estimated 517,000 people reported that they had used heroin in the last year or had a heroin-related dependence, a 150% increase from 2007. More than 8,200 people died of heroin-related overdose in 2013, according to national surveys published in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report." The United States throws black hawk helicopters and drug agents at the problem. But in secret, Washington is confused and divided about what to do. Who really are these mysterious figures, they wonder, tearing Mexico apart. What is El Narco?

  9:30 - 11AM:

Authors Book-Signing and Exhibits 

Writer and Journalist Ioan Grillo will be signing copies of his books, continuing his world book signing tour that started in New York and included many cities in the U.S. and London. We are fortunate to have this special opportunity to meet one-on-one. Authors

Your own personal copy of the authors book with signing is included in your ASIS ticket cost. Pick up your book at the ASIS booth. SecureWorld exhibits are free and open for review at this time as well.

11:15 AM - 12 Noon:

ASIS Session 2: Guest Speaker Leeza Garber, Esq.


A 2016 Perspective on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

We are honored to have Leeza Garber, Esq. Corporate Counsel for Capsicum Group, LLC, educate us on the myriad issues concerning mobile devices in the workplace. From the employer owned iPhone in the San Bernadino shooting to crimes committed by users via their mobile devices at work or on the job, in an increasingly connected world it is not surprising that 74% of organizations are already using or planning to allow employees to bring their own devices to work (ZDNet).  This Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement is a new frontier for the use of technology in the workplace, and continues to bring with it new opportunities and new challenges to employers and employees alike. This program will review the BYOD landscape as it stands for 2016, including the legal implications and cybersecurity issues that have arisen.   

Leeza is Corporate Counsel & Director of Business Development at Capsicum Group, LLC, a technology, digital forensics and cybersecurity consulting firm. As a licensed attorney specializing in cybersecurity and privacy law, Leeza provides commentary as an expert media contributor for Fox29 and CBS3 in Philadelphia. She has made numerous television appearances as an expert analyst on various legal and tech issues, including segments on hacking, mobile payment systems, the use of social media as evidence, and terrorist use of communications technology. She has been published in The Legal Intelligencer and Law Technology Today and her commentary has been featured in Forbes, The Christian Science Monitor, and The New Jersey Law Journal. Leeza also lectures on issues related to cybercrime, digital forensics, and social media, and has presented for the New Jersey Association of Corporate Counsel, the Temple Law Alumni Association, the Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law, and the ABA Women Rainmakers section. 

12 Noon - 1:15 PM:

Optional ASIS/SecureWorld Joint Luncheon  

Secure world has extended an invitation to their Keynote Lunch session with Ben Desjardins of Radware, a Cyber Software Developer for an additional $50 event charge payable at registration. Seating is limited so register by Monday 12 Noon, April 11 to assure a seat. 

Ben Desjardins drives the development of case specific solutions for clients with Web Application Firewall and Intrusion Prevention System threats. Ben has extensive experience across a wide array of security technologies and Cyber Threat/Vulnerability Management including over 12 years focused on information security and cyber threat arenas. The awareness of these issues to every ASIS member cannot be overstated. This luncheon is not to be missed. 


Please Support NorthCentral Victim Services: ASIS GPC is pleased to support NorthCentral Victim Services at the conference, a victim advocacy non profit that serves the community within the heart of North Philadelphia - specifically the area within the Temple University footprint but at large (10th Street to Schuykill and from Lehigh Ave to Poplar Streets). Please donate $5, $10, or $20 at the event to help those who's lives were challanged in so many ways; having so little to defray everyday burdens we take for granted. Instead of that Starbucks - GIVE - you'll feel even better. Donate here: Give to Emergency Fund

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